Sunday, 3 July 2011


Man alive, I feel like a bag of meal. All this drinking in the sun has taken it's toll! Which reminds me of a little session Parsley and I had in the dome. But first I am glad to announce P Unit paid us a visit in June. We had tea in the garden with the babies going mental. Joseph and Alice got on very well with each other, thus strengthening relations between the units! Proper little bit of diplomatic smooching going on!

Later on I got a call from Parsley, inviting me over to the Domestead for some wine. We sat and roared with laughter in the blazing hot solardome. There was a carpet of sweat on my back....nice. The wine flowed wonderfully, and then club classics on Heart fm took over BIG TIME. There was loads of whoops, roars and yeaaarghs! They were churning out those cheesy catastrophes like there was no tomorrow. Parsley kept complaining she was knackered then promptly leapt on to the caravan steps in the middle of the dome and threw her hands up in a victory dance. It wasn't long before we were sipping rum from St Lucia...

After verbally jousting with Cakeatonne : "I've cycled five miles, had five pints and will give you a bunch of fives in your greasy face if you eat any more of my fish and chips!", and chasing Smethwick, we set up candles in the dome and carried on dancing. Horrifically drunk by 2/3 we managed to destroy a table, some lamps and our brain cells. Megawatti!

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