Sunday, 17 July 2011

Introducing Beeyarna Man

Anybody remember this little gem from the 80s? Well, our version is Beeyarna Man, brother to Sir Cakeatonne, otherwise known as Sam. A month or so ago we hit the allotment, digging up some rock hard soil so we could plant some llleeeeeks. It was a beautiful, hot day with much huffing and puffing. As we hadn't trimmed the walkways in a while, there were lots of obscured and ankle threatening trenches about. Sure enough as Parsley and I were singing our newly created theme tune for Sam: 'The handyman can, the handyman can, especially when his name is Beeyarna Sam,' (to this tune: Sam went flying down a trench and stuck his arms in the air. He looked every bit like he was flying! Not once but twice! Mad props kid!

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