Thursday, 23 June 2011

Over the Moon in June!

Apologies from my good self for no June blogs this month. I know you've all been baying like bloodthirsty hounds to hear what's been happening in the select quarters of my garden and the allotment. Well, bay no more pups.

Where do I start? Well, Parsley passed on her dad's suit to me, and we did a little photo shoot in the solardome. Needless to say, looking like an 80's cop is well wicked! 100% Polyester chaffing! So glam though!

The same day I took to pressure washing Parsley and Cakeatonne's Philippe Starck chairs. These little beauties even account for my terrible tendency to slouch. Additionally they look mega in the solardome. Not content on getting your average pressure washer, Parsley invested in a WOLF BLASTER MAX. Which in Weasel parlance is WULIF BLASTER MAXIWIINKS. Blasting the chairs with the washer created some serious noise, so I had to wear big ear defenders. I looked like Craig David.

Parsley knows how to tame the Wulif.

After a couple of hours of doing that, Cakeatonne and I headed down to the allotment to plant mo'peas and some sweet corn. As they are wind pollinated we took a bit of time guessing how it was best to align them. Classic bit of allotment dialogue:

Oregano: 'So how do you think I should plant them Cake?'
Cakeatonne: 'Well they've got to be able to pollinate, so in clusters, ideally.'
Oregano: 'Ok, like the five on a dice then?'
Cakeatonne: 'What's that when it's at home?'
Oregano [displaying a rudimentary diagram with his fingers] 'You know, the five dots on a dice!'
Cakeatonne: 'D'oh yeah! But no, not like that.'

True K.O.

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