Sunday, 4 July 2010

June Drop / Cultivation Stations / Bumper Crop

Dear readers, I am so far behind it's not even funny. The past few weeks have been crammed with esoteric activities and small miracles. The June Drop for one. At first I thought Parsley was making fun of my gardening knowledge - (still small but I will
stand tall), the sad little apples that didn't make the cut are festering amongst the corncockles...

Then! The Cultivation Stations from Potty Innovations! Don't believe me? Head here:

These wicked little beauties were an ideal addition to the SOLARDOME. Parsley and I spent a few hours creating octagons (Doc Ocs in our parlance) and pentagons, working out what would fit best in the dome. Winks was as tired as us when we'd finished.

Awh Winks!

* * *

Day after day of blazing sun, and the odd smattering of rain ; with clouds shaped like whales, swimming overhead in slow motion. I have seen the redoubled growth of my sunflowers (now chest high), roses, my favourite nasturtiums, innumerable poppies etc. On the allotment the sunflowers have gone crazy. One has a stem the thickness of deep sea cable, twisted as an elder's staff, leaves like shields. I am jealous.

Most of my time has been put into the allotment. If there is a hell (actually there is - Sainsbury's
on the high street), there must also be a heaven, and I'm sure our allotment is one of its pillars. The walk into town or down the high street is noise ridden, grimy and dissolute. On the other hand, a walk to the allotment late afternoon is almost comically pastoral. Imagine my rolling gait, £4 bright green fork from Wilkos in hand, Take That jeans and my Stan Smith Adidas. Ever one to mix and match, I will never be out of fashion because I've never been in it.

Watering was my main duty. Courgettes, squash, carrots, beans, coriander...One day I went down at around 5 and didn't finish til after 8. The aforementioned fork couldn't break the rock hard, blood warm soil. I was panicking a bit as I had to plant courgettes before they expired. In fact later that night I couldn't sleep worrying that I hadn't planted them properly, that they would overlap or be subsumed by Mr Hoochy Coochy. I neglect to mention that we have progressively worked towards the bottom of the plot. There are still big reams of mouldy carpet to be got rid of. Moving those mounds of fabric in the pelting heat with Sir Cakealot made us both dizzy. I lay down for a bit, Cakealot roared with laughter but promptly stopped - thinking I had fainted. Thanks mate, I'm going with the first reaction.

It's all looking good and a lot of our plot is under control. An achievement we should be proud of. Plus we have started to harvest. First garlic was dug up, along with some tatties and plucked courgettes - one resembling a grenade. It's a great great feeling to see the fruits of your labour, one that I barely could've conceived a year or so ago.

Lastly, check out our glacial level cool customised badges.

G Unit for lyf.