Monday, 11 April 2011

Dr Frankensted's Laboratory

My studio has become a full time plant laboratory. Thanks to (winks to) the sun, I now have a collection of eager sunflowers all growing, all knowing. Experiments with pot sizes, coke bottles, ariel liquitab boxes, used soup containers, all of it has come into play and the results have been varied, but always wicked.

Additionally, the malvas are coming along a treat, one particularly has grown like my barnet - that is, exponentially. I'm weary of putting them out on account of the threat of frost and slugs. Last year nearly all my hollyhocks were chomped by those invertebrate gits.

The marigold pinwheels are slow but show promise. Same goes for the Echinacea, which I had given up on but have recently really come to life. Patience!

The sweet peas have gone out and are currently climbing a natty trellis that sits on the shed, facing the sun. After the trough got flooded (April showers are beyond my limited powers), I had to do some emergency drilling, which basically involved me getting covered in sludge water. I felt like bellowing OIL! But I'm sure the neighbours have had enough of my stentorian outbursts and banshee laughs. I can't help being enthusiastic can I?

The Himalayan blue poppies have been planted in a tray full of compost out of the direct sun. If these grow I will be a smug Mancunian git.

I recently bought some Coleus seeds 'Wizard Mix' for the sake of G UNIT we'll call them Warlock Mixx, Charlie Sheen would love that. They too have been planted in compost and are very exciting - think psychedelic nettles and you're on the right path.

David purchased a climbing yellow rose from Poundland, that currently sits on the right hand side of the shed, next to a Trellis given to us by the Grand Gardening Warlock Sam (our neighbour). Slow progress here but ey we got all the time in the world.

In addition to that we have penny blacks, hellebores, lilies, ranunculus...

Whew. It's going to be a busy summer!

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