Monday, 11 April 2011

Allotment Afternoons = Allot of Fun!

The allotment hasn't been getting much of a mention of late - that is because I have barely been there, absorbed as I am in the workings of the lab and our own garden at Rue Albert. What a shame! Parsley and Cakeatonne have been down there way more than me. Time to pull the old socks up as well as the HOWARD JEANS.

With the weather getting better we have taken to having afternoon tea using a kelly kettle to boil up the water. Proper little unit going now! Of course you can't have tea without a pavilion to drink it on. To that end Cakeatonne and I shifted a load of carpet - yes it's still on the plot - to his steed, Fiesta. Along with brick rubble and stagnant soil we went forth to ye local tippe / dumpe: it depends on your upbringing. It was a glorious day for tipping, what with Com Truise on the saddlebag player. Once we were at the turnpike, a seasoned bloke in a high vis jacket fired a load of questions at Cakeatonne - without looking at him once. Stuff like 'What you got in the boot?' 'Postcode?' Hilarious! Almost as funny as the collection of gnomes they'd collected and put in a kitschy display at the entrance. I wanted to steal a terminator toy with a cannon for an arm...must be the magpie in me.

We unloaded the load and headed back for a well earned brew in the sun.

The following week we shifted more detritus into a wheelbarrow then did many a barrow of woodchip fly from beside the portaloo to our new pavilion. Weed suppression? Check. Attractive finish? Check. Spare fuel for the Kelly Kettle? Check. I frooking love our allotment! Now to spend some more time on it!


  1. Not forgetting singing on a Ragga Tip to Weasel; 'Do you remember the chives oo aye, when we fell in love'; I've got a dome full of seeds and it's going real swell, the next stop is the Winkside Motel.' Awesome.

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