Sunday, 7 November 2010

Pumpkin Carving and Mo' Weasel Blend

Paid my first visit to the newest member of G unit last week. Alice aka Weasel!

As you can see she was rocking the Halloween look big time. From prior experience with my three nephews, I have been notoriously hands off - afraid of hurting them with my clumsy mitts. This time I was only too glad to hold the baby - I mean come Spring, she'll be digging and pigging with the best of us!

Eric aka Smethwick (see was ludicrously friendly, and curled up whilst we had tea. Cakealot provided pumpkin pie, which blew my tits off.

Speaking of pumpkins, Cakealot and I carved one, or rather I did the design and he did the carving. It was loosely based on my Groucho Marx costume of the preceding night.

from this

to this!

It was a superb afternoon. Although I did feel bad for not helping Cakealot on the allotment afterwards. We still have tonnes of manure to order and get spread over all the weeds before the frosts come on....G unit for Lyf tho' and ey! Mad skills to Weasel.

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