Saturday, 20 November 2010

Weasel's First Allotment Visit / One Late Sunflower

Earlier this week Parsley paid 24 Rue Albert a visit with Weasel. I had my hands full with my favourite new UNIT. She was crying a wee bit so I spoke gentle words of encouragement like: 'Stop crying Weasel, you won't have time to be cribbin' when you're diggin' and a piggin,' and such like. Weasel is such a wicked little unit.

Went over to Parsley and Cakealot's to feed her some milk and for us to have a brew whilst listening to hilarious lounge music. Cakealot has a great vinyl collection. Checked out Cakealot's seed collection (wow wow and wow again, like he said - buying seeds is a tremendously optimistic thing to do). He kindly gave me a catalogue from Dobies - a veritable Aladdin's cave of seeds, bulbs and garden storage wonderment. The words Bumper Miniplant Flower Collections has an almost ludicrous charm to it.

When we'd tooled up - that is put Weasel in her pram and wrapped her up, Parsley and I went to have a look at the allotment. The whole way down there I was making jokes about Weasel being in a wagon in the Wild West. No-one laughed.

It was a lovely afternoon, subtle, crisp and golden. Rubbed off on her as she was very sedate / asleep. We had a small perusal of our patch of land and then headed home where we were assailed by Kate's neighbours, one of whom is old but COMPOST MENTIS; this time Parsley and I had a good chuckle.

* * *

Earlier in Spring, I planted a sunflower seed in a load of compost as a bit of an experiment. Clean forgot all about it, but was pleasantly surprised to see it had grown, albeit hugely late - emerging early November. So I've moved it indoors and will track it's progress here. As the cold draws in properly, these blogs will be a little more infrequent, but who knows, I will probably find more things to enthuse about. The sunflowers name is Mal, by the way. This is on account of a chrome dome I saw last night in the pub who looked like John Malkovich. I wanted to say he did but he looked like he might pop a cap in my cold frame.


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