Friday, 22 October 2010

Weasel / Late Allotment Antics / Tulips

Breaking news! For those of you that don't know already Parsley and Cakealot have recently had a baby, Alice, whom cakealot in his wisdom has nicknamed weasel. That means there are now six members of the G Unit clan:

****Parsley, Oregano, Sir Cakealot, Weasel, Winks &

Hurrah! The love grows even as the season grows cold!

Maybe the cold has been keeping me away from the allotment, maybe it's been the wandering to Rutland to hook up with an old friend Dan, a brilliant sculptor and wit, or maybe the barbarous few weeks I've had at work....pressure makes diamonds but I'm not seeing any cubic zirconia!

Either way I took a couple of trips down there last week to pull up some nettles to slap in our bath to make fertilizer, and to quell the brambles, remember how much I love them?!

Didn't get too far as my pythons were getting ripped and I had a dinner date with a living Goddess. All the same, a second visit saw me clear most of the waterway that leads to the storm drain. Don't want that getting clogged up!

I was naughty and dead headed a poppy I shouldn't have. When I got home and was rattling it for all I was worth, an earwig crawled out. I screamed! Gotta hate those earwig catastrophes! Needed Cakealot to come in and joust it with a rake.

Lastly I plucked some golden apples and runner beans which I'll give to the parent Units...I'm so egalitarian and still so much of a carnivore.

Lastly, I have planted all my tulip bulbs around various parts of our garden, along the thin border just on the right of the front door and under the privet hedge at the back. I'm hoping the daffs will be back from last year. Needless to say you will be seeing a well documented account on here! PAAAAAAAACE! And a very big welcome to Weasel. You got crazy wonderful parents kid!

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