Sunday, 6 March 2011

Himalayan Blue Poppies & Crocosmia Exodus

Today! Yes today I took the first step in a long journey (possibly perilous) with my Himalayan blue poppies (Meconopsis betonicifolia). The first thing I did, following the detailed instructions I had been given, was to spray a piece of kitchen roll with water then wring it out so it was damp. I then ever so gingerly tousled the seeds out onto it and wrapped the sheet over so they were covered. I then put them inside a freezer bag, labelled it up and sealed it. Next step was to put them on the top shelf of the fridge door next to a big stinking piece of cheese. You never know it might aid germination. Here they will stay for a month! Then I have to decide whether to direct sow outside or try my hand at indoor germination first. Maybe I'll half and half it. As there are only approximately thirty seeds I can't be reckless...

Deeply suspicious looking baggy!

The garden called to me, so I tended to some weeding around the conifer and ivy bush. This is a prime area as the purple sensation is coming through as are the tulips, the fern and the hostas. With luck I shall be planting an arisaema or two there as well. And the blue poppies!

Then I had to make a hard decision. For a while now I've been meaning to move the crocosmia corms which have clustered around the fence on the right hand side of the garden, just past the
ivy bush. Over time they have tripled, possibly quadrupled. Amongst them have arrived some unwanted specimens, including 'nuff brambles. So I legged it upstairs and broke out with the old Spear & Jackson stainless steel spade. It was her maiden voyage. Following in the steps of Cakeatonne who always makes digging look super easy, I went to't. Up came great clods of earth, and sure enough handfuls of corms in various stages of growth. I piled them up in a great pile, tossing out unwanted bluebell bulbs, again these have multiplied at a terrifying rate over the last year. I don't like throwing things away and I know I'll get my ear chawed off by the Unit, but it was make or break. Besides I've left enough to grow on, but I wanted more space for the new agenda...which is still under consideration. Truly it was an exodus today:

The corms were then buried around the elder and apple trees. They will no doubt pick up the pace after the unexpected shift.

It was a mega day, and warm. Sitting with a brew and some golden syrup cake, pythons contentedly hissing under my cardigan, I felt at the centre of my own universe.

The garden is a sea with waves of energy all coloured green.

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