Sunday, 6 February 2011

Sweet Peas & Sunflowers

It has been an industrious few weeks, though at the expense of the allotment. Mind you, has anyone been out in the last few days? The wind has a serious grievance against anyone daring to leave the house. Does wonders for the barnet though. Like a semi - colossal puff of brown fog atop my head, my hair loves being screamed at by the wind. I however, do not, taking to look like I'm weeping whilst turning my collar up and staunchly walking onwards. Chaaaarge!

This aside, I have been busy planting seeds, namely sweet peas (royal mixed and giant waved varieties) and some sunflowers - including some helianthus debilis or 'Italian White' seeds. These won't grow as tall as the other type but the combo of creamy white flowers with deep chocolate coloured centres will make me think of cookies and cream, so there. The variation in seeds is awesome. The sweet peas' look like miniature cannon balls, semi purple and tough as sea biscuits, whereas the sunflower seeds look like mint humbugs with tiny golden hairs, and the italian white sunflower seeds look like miniature flint coloured shards. Gerrinvolved! (Get involved).

The very late / super early sunflower is doing well as the photo below shows. My only hope is that the other seeds I have planted today will catch up and we'll have a garden full come summer. Many thanks go to mother for bringing me two types of propagator; I am tempted to make a pun here about a well spoken alligator - for shame I just did; these I filled up with rich compost from a mega bag all the way from Gordon Riggs'. TODMIDDLETON. That one is just for the family Wakefield.

In a less insular vein I was listening to Bo Marley and Disrupt the whole time I was doing this. I seriously think playing German dub to my plants and flowers is going to do wonders. Don't believe me? Go 'ere! One day G unit will have its own portable Bo-mobil, firing out raps about JLS, allotment empowerment, dueling forks, cats that look like Frank Zappa, knobbly cucumbers and solardomes. Believe. I do.

Also planted a peony and chocolate cosmos late this afternoon. I'm always stumped by tubers and bulbs, never knowing what way to bloody plant them, spending two hours searching online to little avail, going into Tom Cruise meltdown at said failure. Then I start worrying they'll never grow! Wah!

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