Sunday, 6 February 2011

Daffodils, Tulips, Apple Tree Pruning and Raspberries

It's great to see the daffodils coming out around the apple trees, and in the front 'garden' if you can call it that. Strange things happen in that little patch of earth, we have a rosebush, a few ferns, a stoic poppy plant or two and every type of garbage blowing in from all directions. Packets of discos, bank statements and cans. Cheers slobs, cheers wind for making the slobs work less than than it is already, cheers slobs, cheers slobs. Mind you it will get better. The tulips especially are looking quite promising, although it is still relatively early stages. Already I love the marble smoothness of the leaves. Watch this space.

In other news I pruned back the apple trees a bit as the upper branches were getting seriously entangled, not to mention swaddled with carbuncles. To all extents and purposes the trees should be dead as they have been chomped by ivy for many years. I mean they have been voraciously chomped, hollowed out, making them list dangerously. But they keep on keeping on, even growing new branches which eventually bud. The cooking apples we get from them make for some fine apple crumble - with vanilla custard it's enough to blow your socks off and make them jig.

Lastly I have planted a raspberry cane in the border at the bottom of the garden. It was bought for me by my brother in all things hilarious Jin Krogan aka Matty Robinson. He got it from Poundland which raised a quasi-sneer from Cakeatonne (expensive ones ordered online for the allotment). It will be fun to compare! If not we can always joust.

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