Saturday, 5 September 2009


* Imagine saying Peggy in a Biggles voice. Go on, say it loud. Peg-errrr! No, this is not a random exercise in elocution, but the name of Kate's neighbour who we helped on Thursday.

In a diversion from our allotment work, G unit applied itself to the removal of weeds - predominantly nettles and creeping bastards (as you can tell my knowledge of botany is minimal, but I'm learning all the time), just behind the back wall of Kate's garden. This had a dual purpose. One to clear some of Pegerr's garden, secondly to get a better look at the wall as it is decaying and will probably need lime pointing. This is all quoted from the G unit Autumn Newsletter which Kate sent me today. All I know is how to move things in a manly way. The bigger plans are drawn by the mastermind,

With that in mind I shifted a load of bricks, bagged up some nettle and creeping b's in a short burst of work that lasted about an hour. This was after all, a brief preliminary. Ten days away from the allotment because of inclement weather means Oregano needs to feed his pythons!

Took Ma & Pa Wakefield to see the allotment in the evening for five minutes, photos to follow. They are suitably impressed even though we are still in effect in possession of a field! Gardening Show tomorrow! Yes Mum!

Bloody creeping bastards!

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