Wednesday, 14 March 2012


 Flop. Wow. A fairly innocuous sounding word, unless you consider it in the context of something being a failure, or the state men might find their nether regions in at a crucial moment. EITHER WAY flop in G Unit parlance is used to describe the putrid and sloppy combo of water, sand and clay that has no practical use in the garden whatsoever. Moreover this crap - brown ooze is actually bad for stuff! It looks like diarrhea! It's useless! Flop!

We had a royal chuckle recalling an excellent documentary that was on last year. In it we saw a dead elephant decaying and being eaten by various creatures. The first dude on the scene was a hyena and for want of better words he went right for the bumole. Snuffling his snout in there he wasted no time in chewing on a particularly volatile length of back passage. Within seconds a hot, turbid jet of fart juice that had been building up in the savanna heat, shot out and the hyena legged it. It had an uncanny likeness to flop. Just check out this stuff below. Rank.    

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