Sunday, 12 September 2010

Hoochie Coochie Man Part II / Boardin' up

About two weeks ago Sir Cakealot and I were laying down cardboard over the particularly weedy parts of our plot. Trouble is that both grass and weeds have infiltrated the paths and many of the undug areas. This increases the chance of smashing our ankles off, as there are small but significant trenches around each bit of the plot. I've done it many a time, just started walking then UMPH! Right down the hole. So far, no casualties. It's not just a cosmetic thing, though a weed free patch of ground is always good to work on. Refer back to May's entry when I met Reg. He has *Military Precision* on his little patch of earth and it looks amazing.

Anyway the thinking was lay the cardboard down and cover it with woodchip as a mulch to keep all that damn hoochie cooch grass down and whatever else has been germinating all this time. Someone had kindly left a huge pile of woodchippings over by the portaloo, but it's almost the furthest point away from our plot, so I had to make a few journeys with our decrepit wheelbarrow. I was sweating cobs and spiders.

We have more cardboard to put down; hopefully this will exert a degree of control over our wonderfully wild allotment space.



  1. .. just wait, i've got the number of a guy who's going to deliver 5 or 2.5 tonnes (!) of horse manure soon, to the same spot as the wood chip apparently, as the truck won't get any closer to the plot..

    ready for a heavy autumn?