Sunday, 13 June 2010

Pagan Shit Thing / Weedin' & a Seedin'

June has been a frenetic month. Principally I have been weeding as one possessed both in our garden and on the allotment, when the rain allows. The rewards? Seeing a poppy the colour of russet and the softness of taffeta, the steady growth of the hostas, the hollyhocks (now the slugs have left them alone) and the sunflowers. Although I had moved three of them and learned very quickly that I shouldn't have. They almost instantly shriveled. To say I was gutted was an understatement, but luckily they have rallied and lost only a leaf or two. The poppies are coming along as are the corncockles. My favourite nasturtiums have made a small but spritely return too.

Thrown into the mix are aquilegia which I have sown in the seed bed, foxglove FOXY MIXED (according to the seed packet) which I have sown near the southernmost apple tree, and in a bodged propagator (tin and cling film catastrophe) some lavender (Hidcote Strain for those in the know). This will eventually be transplanted under the conifer.

Paid a brief visit to the dome at Parsley and Cakealot's and it's looking damn fine, as you can see for yourself. The acoustics in there are amazing - as is the warmth. Though this isn't so great when the cats get in and leave odorous presents. HAHA! There are still a few panes remaining to be put in and then the dome will be fully complete. An amazing achievement for G Unit.

Another recent addition to the allotment was the eponymous Pagan Shit Thing - basically a frame for our runner beans. It gained the glorious title for being an uber bodge job - but totally economical as Parsley and Cakealot used sticks from our plot to support the frame. A touch of ferocious digging (mostly on the part of Cakealot as I was cream crackered from weeding beforehand), sealed the deal. We planted the beans on both sides of the precarious lean - to and marvelled at a bodge well done.

Inclement weather and a seven day shift kept me away from the allotment. When I went to weed last Friday I was greeted by a meadow. Luckily Cakealot had pointed out where I should weed and what not to pull out in haste - namely beet root, red and white onions. Moma mia! Did I get my hands stung by nettles! They're still tingling from a good session Cakealot and I had a few hours back. The plot looks a lot tidier now, we're about two thirds through weeding. The potatoes are almost ready to come out as some have flowered, we're one of two or three plot holders to have this honour!

More weeding tomorrow if the weather holds up. Watch this space!

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