Sunday, 14 February 2010

New Beginnings

February - what a ghastly month it's been already. Thank God for small miracles though - our wicked wicked allotment for one. I've been away for far too long, Jack Frost getting his boot in these past polar months; introspection, short days, long nights, and much Machiavellian brooding to fill a period of time better spent in hibernation.
Took a brief journey down to the plot for the first time this year, and instantly I was reminded of all I've been missing. Jake's been hard at work, creating channels, troughs and bridges across our shared earth.

It's satisfying to see the land take shape after all the preparation that's gone into it. It looks nice and clearly demarcated at the moment but come spring the weeding will commence full steam ahead; time to get the pythons in training. Plus there's still reams of plastic, bottles and cans lying about - it's a constant tidy up mission. But it suits me fine as I'm turning into a CONTROL FREAK! Hats off to those of you who remember that little gem.

Addendum : Apologies to KT for calling her Oregano in my text messages. The stresses of day to day life without the rejuvenating force of gardening has pickled my already demented brain.

Roll on Spring and a much greater output of G UNIT blogs, even if you don't like them! X

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